1 April 2011

Volume 29 No.1, April 2011

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From the Editor
Mentioned in Despatches by David Cliff
Chairman's Return to Bulgaria — a note from Peter Knox
Obituary — Major R. S. 'Bill' Billett — a note from Major Colin Robins

A "Last Survivor" of the Crimean War — Colour Sgt James M. Gray, RMA, by Dr. Douglas J. Austin

The Location of Raglan's Knoll at the Battle of the Alma by Dr. David R. Jones

"A descendant from a race to which pusillanimity is never attached" - Further Investigations into the Court Martial of Second Master James Dennehy RN , by Tom Muir

Captured at the Battle of Inkerman by Major-General P. G. Williams

A Heroine of the Regiment by Major Frank Clark

Lord Raglan's Knoll — Some Observations and Conclusions by Jeff Bennett

Capital Punishment in the Crimea by Mike Hinton

The Battle of Citate — from Russkii Invalid No.7, 10 Jan 1904 translated and annotated by Mark Conrad 13
Lord Raglan's Other Knoll — a letter to The Times 22.8.1868 courtesy of Mike Shakespeare
Letters from Captain Archibald Douglas William Fletcher, HMS Triton, from Oliver Dashwood

Letters from the Crimea — writing home, a Dundee Doctor, edited by Douglas Hill, reviewed by Mark Davidson

Colonel Ripley and the Enfield Rifle
Admiral Buckle, A Crimean Veteran (obituary excerpts)
Colonel Morris' Home: a note from Mark Davidson
William Hall, Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veteran First Black to win the Victoria Cross
Nicknames: a note from Major Colin Robins
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