1 October 1993

Volume 11, No.3

Britannia Figures. p.8
Crimean Battlefield Tour. p.10
Australian Coin Review. p.13
Three officers of the 23rd. p.16
Letters of Col. Pakenham, Part 4. p.22
Lancaster Gun, Part III. p.35
Early use of the Undress Frock. p.36

1 July 1993

Volume 11, No.2

AGM Report. p.6
More fictional accounts of the Crimean War. p.12
7th Royal Fusiliers. p.16
Observation on the letters of R. Portal 4th LD. p.19
Letters of Col. Pakenham, Part 3. p.21
Cossack Artillery at Balaclava [Uniform plate]. p.32

1 April 1993

Volume 11, No.1

The Viskavatov Translations by Mark Conrad. p.9
Brothers in Arms: the Lane brothers — Scots Guards. p.10
Letters of Cot. Pakenham, Part 2. p.14
Crimean War - Tour from USA. p.31

1 January 1993

Volume 10, No.4

Search for Family of Balaclava Ned. p.5
Figure Painting Service. p.6
Letters of J. Benjamin. Part 3. p.10
Florence Nightingale — Why she went to the East. p.19
James Newlands. Crimean artist and Sanitary Engineer. p.29