1 October 2004

Volume 22, No.3 - Oct 2004

American Vol: Doctor & Surgeons in the Russian Army – Peter Harrington & Helen Rappaport
Artillery – Royal Marines defending Balaklava – by Trevor James
Badger. Pte. George – 13th Lt Dragoons – by Helen & Ian Smith
Balaklava – Chargers? – by John Lester
Bomarsund. Memorial Stone 2004 – by Henrik Salminen
Charge of the Light Brigade – Timetable – by Douglas Austin
Chargers? – by John Lester
Currie Lt. F.G. – 79th Foot – Letters Pt. 3 - by Lt. Col. David Currie
Hospital, Navy at Therapia – Comments by Tom Muir
Inkerman – Chaplain S.F. Guards –Michael Springman
Memorial Stone Bomarsund 2004 – by Henrik Solminen
Military Genius in the Crimean War – Part 2 by Capt T.D. Walters.
Percy. The Hon. Henry Grenadier Guards Pt II by His Grace the Duke of Northumberland
Postage Stamps – Commemorating Crimean War by David Matthews
Raglan His Will and more – by Mike Hinton
Sardinian Soldiers Uniforms – by Mark Conrad
Schleswig-Holstein and the Crimean War – by Uwe Wild
Thin Red Streak tipped -----93rd Highlanders – by Major Colin Robins
Uniforms – Sardinian Soldiers – by Mark Conrad
Will – Lord Raglan’s estate – by Mike Hinton & Tony Margrave pt 1