1 October 1995

Volume 13, No.3

Pennington’s Account of the Charge. p.5
Cornet Wombwell’s Account of the Charge. p.8
Todleben’s Account of the Battle. p.10
The Story of the Heavy Brigade. p.14
Lieutenant Dunn V.C. p.18
Did Cornet Yates charge? p.20
A Mystery Picture of the Charge. p.22
Balaklava, an Alternative Account. p.24
Small Arms Part 3: Russian. p.29
The Light Cavalry Brigade. Who was Where. p.30
Another Balaklava Charger without a Medal. p.33
Balaklava and the Navy's Involvement. p.34
Butchers Jack’s Own Story. p.36
Balaklava Town. The Railway and Wharves. p.41

1 July 1995

Volume 13, No.2

Naval Operations in the Far East. p.7
Fanshawe Letters Part III Life in the Trenches. p.10
The Surviving British memorials Part 3. p.14
John Taylor V.C. p.15
Cathcart’s Counter Attack at Inkerman. p.16
The 17th Lancers at Alma. p.22
Infantry Shoulder Arms Part II, France Fusil d’infanterie 1842. p.23
Wargaming, Pas Pour les Enfants. p.24
Notes on Mining. p.25
Romanization of Crimean Names. p.28
Waterproofing the troops. p.30
Pakenham letters Part 9. p.31

1 April 1995

Volume 13, No.1

The 4th Division Mystery continues. p.5
Crimean Ceremonies September 1994. p.6
Crimean War Photographers, A Paris Exhibition. p.8
Infantry Shoulder Arms Part 1. “The Pattern 42”. p.10
The Surviving British Memorials. p.12
Electric and other Telegraphs. p.17
Infernal Diver. p.25
Pakenham Letters Part 8. p.27

1 January 1995

Volume 12, No.4

Lord Anglesey’s Visit to the Crimea. p.6
The Letters of Captain Fanshawe, 33rd Regiment Part II. p.7
Some Officers of the 33rd at the Assault on the Redan, 18 June 1855. p.10
John Archibald Ballard (Silistria, Giurgevo, Kertch). p.11
A Naval View of the Battle of Alma, 20 September 1854 (Extracts
from the diary, incl. sketches, of the Chaplain on board the Agamemnon.). p.15
John Warpole of the 7th Fusiliers. p.20
The Malakoff Guns II. p.22
Letters of Colonel Pakenham, Part 7. p.23
The Royal Geographical Society (Crimean Maps). p.27
A Russian Newspaper Report from 13 Feb 1854. p.28
Crimean Veteran Who Served in WWI. p.28