1 April 2016

Volume 33 No.2 April 2016


Nolan at Balaklava: Part VII: Raglan, Cardigan and Queen Victoria by Dr. Douglas Austin
Williams at Kars — Hero or Hindrance by John Barham
Richard Sands, 5th Dragoon Guards by Glenn Fisher
David Stanley 1830-1893 by Sue Graves
Famous Regiments of the Crimea (56th Foot) by Major Frank Clark
Officers of the 60th Don Cossack Regiment by Mark Conrad
Crimean History Festival 2015 from Captain Yuri Kulikov
The Staff and Orbat of the Osmanli Irregular Forces 1855-56 by Tony Margrave

Letters of Brigadier J. Yorke Scarlett (and excerpt from Margrave’s Officers from Tony Margrave)
Excerpts from the obituary of William Howard Russell (from The Western Mail, 16 February 1907
Corporal Robert Shields, 23rd Royal Fusiliers (excerpt from the 12 Aug 1908 BCA from Ian Smith

Beatson’s Mutiny: The Turbulent Career of a Victorian Soldier by Richard Stevenson, reviewed by Lawrence W. Crider
Passages on the Crimean War, the campaign diary of Private Richard Barnham, 38th South Staffs Foot, reviewed by Major Colin Robins
Oswestry soldiers of the Peninsular War, Waterloo, and the Crimean War by Paul Ridgley and Ian and Helen Smith, reviewed by Major Colin Robins

Nolan photograph discovered?
The Defining Moments: The Charge of the Light Brigade Ben Macintyre at the Cheltenham Literature Festival 2nd October 2015