1 October 1997

Volume 15, No.3

The Vorontsov Road Controversy. p.8
The French Expedition to Dobrudscha. p.10
Infantry Shoulder Arms Part 9 “The Pattern 53 Enfield”. p.14
The Moscow Infantry Regiment at Alma, A Russian Account, Part 1. p.16
The Grave of an Inkerman Hero. p.23
Sergeant Joseph Malone. p.24
Colonel Blake and the 33rd at Alma. p.26
John Sheppard, The First Cockleshell Hero. p.32
Two Questions, Two Answers. p.34
Queen Victoria’s Visit to the Wounded at Chatham. p.38
The IGI Index, A Research Tool. p.41
The Grand Crimean Central Railway. An update. p.42
The Vladimirsky Musketeers' Memorial. p.43
A Bit of Detective Work, p.44
The Dog Bob. p.45

1 July 1997

Volume 15, No.2

The British Memorial on Cathcart’s Hill. p.8
An English Gun in Odessa. p.12
Sergeant Ramage V.C. p.13
Two Questions, Two Answers, Part 2. p.14
Letters of Lieutenant Graham V.C. Royal Engineers. p.18
“All that was left of them”. p.22
The Failed V.C. Pte McGuire 33rd Regt. p.24
English Autographs from Crimean Soil. p.26
A Corporal's Letters, Cpl Pritchard 38th Foot. p.27
A Popular Balaklava Veteran. p.29
Mr Punch and the Russian Bear. p.30
Punch as a Historical Source. p.31
The Fanshawe Letters Part 8. p.34
Polish Volunteers with the Turks. p.37
The Cavalry at Inkerman. p.38
French Commanders after the War Part 4. p.39

1 April 1997

Volume 15, No.1

Memories of the Crimean War by Verily Anderson. p.7
Little London by Vladimar Shabshin. p.8
Major Bunbury’s Career. p.13
Brigadier General Torrens - A Non-Sense of Direction. p.14
Infantry Shoulder Arms Part 8. p.17
Two Questions, Two Answers. Part 1. p.18
The Fanshawe Letters Part 9. p.21
“Come on the 63rd” The Painting by David Cartwright. p.24
A Crimean Surgeon. Asst. Surgeon T L Rogers. p.27
Admiral Dundonald's Secret Plan for Chemical Warfare. p.31
Russia’s Reluctant Allies. p.33
French Commanders after the War Part 3. p.35
A Windsor Mystery Solved. p.42
Un Mot d’Argot. p.44
The Jewish Contribution. p.45
The Death of Surgeon Le Blanc. p.48

1 January 1997

Volume 14 No.4

The State Visits of Queen Victoria and Napoleon III. p.6
Polish Volunteers with the Turkish Army. p.10
Lines by the Earl of Ellesmere. p.12
Victoria’s Crimean War links. p.14
Kazatch; an Update. p.19
Lord George Paget’s Resting Place. Elusive no Longer. p.20
Cardigan v Calthorpe - The Law Case Part 2. p.22
Major Astbury of the Turkish Light Cavalry Part 2. p.27
The True Heroes of Balaklava. p.34
Infantry Shoulder Arms Part 8. Russian. p.38
A Letter from Baron de Mallet, 42eme Regiment. p.41
A Charge Veteran, Pte. Glendwr, 8th Hussars. p.42
A Highlander's Letter Home. p.43