1 January 2003

Volume 20, No.4 - Jan 2003

Artillery, Gunners from Staffordshire. Pt. 4 by Brian Buckley
Balaklava Battle – The French – Tony Margrave
Barry, Maj. Gen. Wm Wigram – Mike Hargreave-Mawson
Broad Arrow – The Editor
Butcher Jack - Privates Fahey & Keeley - Roy Mills
Butcher Jack- More Comments on Keeley – Eddie Glenn
Cardigan, Lord – Deene Park Visit – Jennifer Margrave
Cartes-de-Visite: Photographic Portraits Pt. 2 – Maj Gen Wm Wigram Barry – Mike Hargreave-Mawson
Cemetery, Bratskoe – Sevastopol – Mark Conrad
Chasseurs d’Afrique – Print – Rear Cover
Conductor in the British Army – Maj Frank Clark
Cowell, Fanny – Mystery Lady with the Fleet- Henrik Salminen
Crimea Tours: Visit to the Crimea – Oct 02 – Col Peter Knox
Deene Park Visit, Home of Lord Cardigan – Jennifer Margrave
Dunscombe, Capt. Diary by Maj Colin Robins – Book Review
Faith HMS – Artefacts from - Editor's Letters
Firearms - Hand of the Crimea War- by W S Curtis: Pt 26 – Colt Belt Model 1851
French at Balaklava Battle – Tony Margrave
French Cavalry – Chasseurs d’Afrique – Print, Rear Cover
Hospital at Kazatch Point – Harry Jack
Internet – Capt L E Nolan – Mike Hargreave-Mawson
Internet – Royal Glos. Berkshire & Wilts Regt. Collection – David Cliff (MiD)
Internet – Royal Historical Society Website – Editor's Letter
Italian Heroines of the Crimean War - Hugh Small
James Index – Snippets – Tony James
Kars – Defence of by Lake – Book Review
Kazatch Point Hospital & Admiralty Charts – Harry Jack
Kinsmen in the Crimean War. Lord Raglan's Personal Staff – Mike Hinton
Lucan's Interpreter John Blunt – Letters – Editor's Letters
Malone, Lance Sgt Joseph V.C.- Robin Smith
Medal Rolls. CD. Yesteryears Genealogical Supplies – Book Review
Medals – Crimea – Editor's Letters
Model Figurines – David Cliff (MiD)
Monument to Crimea Veterans, Beeston, Notts – David Cliff (MiD)
Nolan. Capt Lewis Edward – Mystery man at his graveside - Rod Robinson
Obituary: 'Bunny' Robins
Palmer, Ellen – Travelling Heiress – Rod Robinson
Photographs of Roger Fenton – CD – Golden Age Publishing- Book Review
Raglan Deluded on Sapoune – David Kelsey
Raglan’s Personal Staff – Kinsman- Mike Hinton
Romanization of Crimean Proper Names – Maj Colin Robins
Seacole, Mary – Biography by Jane Robinson – Editor’s Letters
Sevastopol North Shore – David Williams
Sevastopol Bratskoe Cemetery – Mark Conrad
Sevastopol Campaigns by E B Hamley – Book Review
Snippets from the James Index – Tony James
Staffordshire Gunners in the Crimea Pt 4 – Brian Buckley
Star Fort – Sevastopol North Shore – David Williams
Taylor, Richard letters – Rod Robinson
Torrin Cap Worn by Foot Guards – David Williams
Turks in the Redoubts 25th Oct 1854 – Editor's Letters
Varna Memorial Fund – The Editor