1 October 1996

Volume 14 No.3

Egypt’s Crimean War. p.7
The Heavy Brigade Helmet. p12
Major Astbury and the Turkish Light Cavalry. p.13
C/Sgt Spence of the 33rd at Alma. p.20
Cardigan v Caithorpe, The Law case. p.24
The French Commanders after the War, Part 2. p.28
The Fanshawe Letters Part 6. p.34
Sir William Gordon. p.37
Cheer, Boys, Cheer. p.38
Small Arms Part 7. France. p.40
A Gunners Story. p.42
Letter from Aladyn Bunbury of the 23rd. p.43
The Defence of Sevastopol. p.46
Cathcart’s last letter. p.47

1 July 1996

Volume 14 No.2

The 46th at Inkerman. p.7
Sir William Gordon’s Sword. p.9
James Thomson MD, Crimean Surgeon. p.10
The Cemetery on Cathcart’s Hill. p.17
Sevastopol in 1904, The French and English Cemeteries Visited. p.18
Cathcart’s Hill in the ILN. p.20
Small Arms Part 6, A Russian Carbine. p.21
The Royal Navy at Kazatch. p.22
The French Commanders after the War, Part 1. p.24
Private Dempsey of the 33rd at Varna. p.28
“Black Charlie” Admiral Sir Charles Napier. p.31
The Fanshawe Letters Part 5. p.35
Garrett and Windham, Friends or Rivals? p.28
Misleading Casuality Figures of the 90th. p.41

1 April 1996

Volume 14 No.1

A Survey of Russian Trophy Guns. p.6
The Making of the Film "The Charge of the Light Brigade”. p.8
Following the Drum, Recreating a Crimean Uniform. p.12
Small Arms Part 5. The Minié Rifled Musket. p.16
The Cemetery on Cathcart's Hill. p.18
The Heavy Cavalry Brigade. p.24
An Assessment of the Artillery Bombardment of Sevastopol. p.27
The Hangö Massacre. p.30
Double Rank in the Guards. p.32
A British Gun in Odessa, Photograph. p.33
The Pakenham Letters Part 11, The End. p.34
The Pakenham Five. An earlier query unravelled. p.37

1 January 1996

Volume 13, No.4

Balaklava Church. p.6
Medals of the Crimean War Part I, British Medals. p.8
Surviving British Memorials Part 4. p.9
Holts Tour 1994. p.13
A Balaklava Nurse. p.15
A Tale of Two Pictures. p.18
The Mystery of the 4th Division continues. p.22
Russia’s Infernal Machine. p.27
Small Arms Part 4. Russia. p.31
The Fanshawe Letters Part 4, Life in the Trenches. p.32
The Pakenham Letters Part 10. p.36