1 April 2017

Volume 34 No.3 April 2017


From the Editor
Looking forward to AGM 2017 in Glasgow.

Cardican v. Calthorpe - reflections from Major Colin Robins
Death by drowning during the War with Russia, 1854-1856 by Mike Hinton
Miss Sally Seacole in a Robertson/Beato Photograph by Dr. Douglas J. Austin
VCs for throwing a shell out of the trenches by Tony Margrave
Technology in the Crimean War by Ian Binnie
Accommodating Officers—(Part 2) “You cannot send us too many supplies of all kinds” by Clive Cohen

Excerpts from Colonel Lefroy’s Letter about the Land Transport Corps from the late Ken Horton
A look at Sevastopol at the end of September 1856 by Colonel Zavodovskii, Translated by Mark Conrad

Thomas Edwards, 6th Dragoons—some facts by Ian Smith
Views of Chobham 1853: lithographs courtesy of the Anne S K Brown Collection
Colnaghi’s Crimean Almanac 1856 from Glenn Fisher
The Attleboro Monument to the Crimean War (photos from John Sly)
The Horses of War … observations from the Editor
John Craddock Hartopp 17th Lancers —Did he ride in the Charge by Keith Smith