1 October 1995

Volume 13, No.3

Pennington’s Account of the Charge. p.5
Cornet Wombwell’s Account of the Charge. p.8
Todleben’s Account of the Battle. p.10
The Story of the Heavy Brigade. p.14
Lieutenant Dunn V.C. p.18
Did Cornet Yates charge? p.20
A Mystery Picture of the Charge. p.22
Balaklava, an Alternative Account. p.24
Small Arms Part 3: Russian. p.29
The Light Cavalry Brigade. Who was Where. p.30
Another Balaklava Charger without a Medal. p.33
Balaklava and the Navy's Involvement. p.34
Butchers Jack’s Own Story. p.36
Balaklava Town. The Railway and Wharves. p.41