1 January 2017

Volume 34 No.2 January 2017


From the Editor
Ballot for 2015 and 2016 Canon Lummis Award
James Campbell Stephen Mackie (1926-2016) by Ann Fitchett
Despatches from Captain Yuriy Kulikov: The 9th Annual Military Celebration of the Alma Engagement

‘The Soldier Slighted’ by Glenn Fisher
The 48th Northamptonshire Regiment by Major Frank Clark
Staff Lists from the Osmali Irregular Cavalry by Richard Stevenson
The 47th Regiment in the Crimean War by Major Frank Clark
A Tragic Accident at Scutari: the Drowning of Lt. MacNish, 93rd Regiment by Mike Hinton
Calthorpe’s Affidavits on Lord Cardigan at the Charge by Lawrence W. Crider
William Augustus Frederick Rooke by David Rogers
Devotion to duty at the Expense of Life: The Fire on the troopship Europa by Mike Boxall
Blunt’s Hillock by Dr Douglas Austin
Accommodating Officers—(Part 1) “Huts, like Angels’ visits are few and far between” by Clive Cohen

Transcribed from The Shrewsbury Chronicle, June 1, 1906 from Ian Smith with Editor’s notes
Pardons for Sevastopol Naval Convicts from Russkii Invalid 1857 No.2, translated by Mark Conrad

Old Balaclava: Private James Olley, Norfolk Survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade, reviewed by Glenn Fisher