1 January 1998

Volume 15, No.4

Repairs to the Memorial on Cathcart’s Hill. p.10
A Private visit to the Crimea in May 1997. p.11
The Moscow Infantry Regiment at Alma, A Russian Account Part 2. p.12
The French Takeover of the Right. p.19
Marie Dresler’s Father. p.20
The Sailor’s Daughter. p.21
The Land Transport Corps. p.22
Queen Victoria’s Visit to the Wounded at Chatham Part 2. p.26
The Arrival of Troops at Constantinople. p.29
Infantry Shoulder Arms Part 10 "The Pattern 53 Enfield". p.30
De Salis Humbled. p.32
The Letters of Captain Fanshawe 33rd Regiment Part 9. p.35
The Dogs of War. p.38
The Essentials of Copyright Law. p.40
Captain Berkeley’s Letter. p.42
Maj-Gen. George Brinton McClellan. p.44