1 January 1999

Volume 16, No.4 - Jan 1999

Artefacts from the Crimean War – by. Andrei Nikolayevich
Bell – Sevastopol – Capt P.H. Starling
Cadogan, Capt The Hon. George –Jenny Spencer-Smith
Casualty Statistics – Crimean War – David Cliff (MiD)
Cathcart Hill Memorial – An Appeal
Cathcart Hill Memorial – Editor’s Letters
Cavalry – Regiment Magazine – David Cliff (MiD)
Chissel, George Royal Artillery –Andre Chissel
Evacuation from the Crimea – David Cliff (MiD)
Firearms - Infantry Shoulder Arms - by W S Curtis: Pt 14 – Piedmont Carabina da Bersaglieri Lunga Mod. 1848
Florence Nightingale, Avenging Angel by Hugh Small – Book Review
Highlanders’ Reveille – Lt Col David Murray
Horse, A Balaklava Charger and his Master – Dr John Carey-Hughes
Inkerman – 1854 – The Soldier's Battle – Col Patrick Mercer – Book Review
Inkerman – Give them a volley and Charge – Col Patrick Mercer – Book Review
Kinglake – Archive – Editor's Letters
Kinglake – Comments – The Editor
Kinglake – The Invasion of the Crimea – The Press – David Kelsey
Lions led by Donkeys – David Cliff (MiD)
Map – Sardinian of Balaklava & Kadikoi – Brian Cooke
Maple – Pte John 46th Foot – A Curious Case – Andrew Sewell
Memorials – Crimean War – Ken Horton
Morgan, Godfrey Charles A Balaklava Charger and his Master – Dr John Carey Hughes
Muir, George Wm RN –Thomas Muir
Music – Highlanders' Reveille – Lt Col David Murray
Numbers, Regimental of Chargers – Editor's Letters
Obituary: Adrian Bernard Caruana
Obituary: Philip Marsh
Quiz BBC Mastermind – June 1998 – Bert Gedin
Railway, Beattys by Philip Marsh – Book Review
Russian Infantry Accoutrements – Alan Overton
Russian Schusselburg Foot (Chasseurs) Regt – Pavel Lyashuk
Schlusselbourg Foot (Chausseurs) Regt – Pavel Lyashuk
Songs – Crimson Reveille – Lt Col David Murray
Submarines and the Crimean War – David Cliff (MiD)
Vanity Fair – Sutlers' Camp – Balaklava to Kadikoi – Brian Cooke
Veterans of Crimean War & Indian Mutiny who paraded for Queen Victoria in Edinburgh –May 1903 – Tommy Moles
Wargames Illustrated Magazine – David Cliff (MiD)
Widow – Last Surviving - David Cliff (MiD)