1 October 1994

Volume 12, No.3

The Letters of Captain Fanshawe, 33rd Regiment. Part 1. p.7
The Adjutant General’s Office (original documents at the PRO). p.11
The Mystery of the 4th Division at the Alma. p.13
The Surviving British Memorials in the Crimea, I. p.15
Crimean Postal Services. p.22
Postal Postscript (see also WC, 7/1 p11). p.23
Floating Factories. p.24

1 July 1994

Volume 12, No.2

Newspaper photo of veterans (incl. Crimean soldier, Robert Morland). p.5
Death of an Enemy (a seaman’s letter to his wife, published in the Malta Mail & United Service Journal, 21 July 1854). p.7
AGM Report. p.8
The Royal Artillery in the Crimea — Some Reflections. p.10
Letters of Colonel Pakenham, Part 6.. p.13
The Fourth Division at Alma. p.20

1 April 1994

Volume 12, No.1

Balaklava and Battle Maps in the RUSI, Whitehall. p.5
A Walk Over Inkerman. p.6
A CWRS Trip to the Crimea. p.7
Meeting with Colonel Ivanov, 1994. p.8
Unidentified Crimean portrait photograph. p.9
The Altered Pattern 1842 Rifled Musket. p.10
The Loy-Smith Collection. p.11
Tully Horan — An Irish Soldier’s Tale. p.16
The Malakoff Guns I. p.18
The Royal Navy in the Crimea. A Case Study. The Career of Vice Admiral
Sir W.N.W. “Bully” Hewett. K.C.B. K.C.S.I. V.C. p.20
The 4th (King’s Own Royal) Regiment. Departure for the Crimea. p.30

1 January 1994

Volume 11, No.4

NAM Victorian Gallery Review. p.8
Review: The Victorian Soldier: Studies - British Army History. p.11
What’s on a Card? [Wizard comic cards]. p.12
Letters of Col. Pakenham, Part 5. p.13
Balaclava — Redoubt Guns. p.28
Russian Marines [Uniform plate]. p.32