1 November 2017

Volume 35 No.2 November 2017


From the Editor
In Search of Lieutenant Charles Steele, 12th Lancers by Tony Margrave
Memorials to Lord Raglan in England and Wales by Mike Hinton
Nolan at Balaclava: Part VIII: More on the ‘Threes Right!’ order in the Charge of the Light Brigade by Dr. Douglas J. Austin
The Discovery of the Loy Smith Archives at the Sheffield Museum by Jack Skelton
‘Lions led by Jackasses’ or fourteen interesting facts about the Crimean War by Ian Binnie
The Crimean Curiosities Dublin Exposition by Dr. Paul Huddie
The Council of War by Dr. David R. Jones
November 1855: All Change in the Crimea by Mike Hinton
The Discovery of a Long Lost Portrait of Sir George De Lacy Evans by Keith Smith
Two Crimean War Veterans in one family by Arthur Redfern
The Wants and Needs of Cornet Fiennes Wykeham Martin by Wendy Leahy

Deserters from the British Army left at Veronesh, August 1855 courtesy of Glenn Fisher
Letter Home from John Davies, 23rd RWF courtesy of Ian Smith
BOOK REVIEWS Voices from the Past: the Charge of the Light Brigade by John Grehan reviewed by Dr. Douglas J. Austin

John Roberts courtesy of Gillian Fynes
The Rare Alma Medal of Corporal Preston