1 October 1996

Volume 14 No.3

Egypt’s Crimean War. p.7
The Heavy Brigade Helmet. p12
Major Astbury and the Turkish Light Cavalry. p.13
C/Sgt Spence of the 33rd at Alma. p.20
Cardigan v Caithorpe, The Law case. p.24
The French Commanders after the War, Part 2. p.28
The Fanshawe Letters Part 6. p.34
Sir William Gordon. p.37
Cheer, Boys, Cheer. p.38
Small Arms Part 7. France. p.40
A Gunners Story. p.42
Letter from Aladyn Bunbury of the 23rd. p.43
The Defence of Sevastopol. p.46
Cathcart’s last letter. p.47