1 April 1994

Volume 12, No.1

Balaklava and Battle Maps in the RUSI, Whitehall. p.5
A Walk Over Inkerman. p.6
A CWRS Trip to the Crimea. p.7
Meeting with Colonel Ivanov, 1994. p.8
Unidentified Crimean portrait photograph. p.9
The Altered Pattern 1842 Rifled Musket. p.10
The Loy-Smith Collection. p.11
Tully Horan — An Irish Soldier’s Tale. p.16
The Malakoff Guns I. p.18
The Royal Navy in the Crimea. A Case Study. The Career of Vice Admiral
Sir W.N.W. “Bully” Hewett. K.C.B. K.C.S.I. V.C. p.20
The 4th (King’s Own Royal) Regiment. Departure for the Crimea. p.30