1 April 2013

Volume 31 No.1 April 2013

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2 Mentioned in Despatches - the last from DAVID CLIFF
4 On the cover - Accidents will happen MAJOR JEFF BENNETT
5 In memorium - Dr. Christopher Silver and Michael Springman MAJOR COLIN ROBINS OBE FRHISTS
7 A Memorable Year for the Light Brigade 1890. In 1978, Canon Lummis reflected that it was a pity twentyone years had elapsed before the first Balaklava Banquet took place in 1875 and further ‘...how many heroes of the Charge passed on to Valhalla unsung and unrecorded’. The press had observed at various times the Balaklava Officers’ Dinners and infrequent observations concerning the passing of a ‘Balaclava Hero’. However, 1890 appears to be an important year when more information came to the attention of the British Public... CHRISTOPHER J. POOLE
11 Raglan's Guns at the Alma...again. TONY MARGRAVE
15 The Enigmatic James Archdeacon PETER CONOLE AND DIANE OLDMAN
18 A Half Madman, A Massacre and a Misery - Captain Edwin Adolphus Cook's letter from the Crimea GLENN FISHER
25 Where did Roger Fenton Photograph the Duberlys? DR. DAVID JONES
32 Second Lieutenant Hugo Codrington carries Colour for Trooping MAJOR COLIN ROBINS OBE FRHISTS
33 Notes from Sevastopol CAPTAIN YURI KULIKOV
35 From the Arcives: the Russian Army at the Alma (Vol 5 No.4 January 1988) DAVID CLIFF with RODNEY ROBINSON
40 Book Reviews: Uniforms of the Russian Army during the Crimean War 1854-1856 by Lawrence Spring, and Wargaming the Crimean War by Stuart Asquith. MARK DAVIDSON
41 More on the Cathcart Painting - Further to my question posed in the April 2012 issue regarding the painting of Cathcart, herewith is, I believe, the answer. The attached engraving can be found in the London Illustrated Times Vol.4 April 25, 1857 p.261 & 262a. The text accompanying the engraving explains the provenance of the drawing, which appears to be from an actual model of the cemetery, once held by (Royal) United Service Institution Museum in the UK. FRANK GARIE
42 The Return of Lord Raglan Then and Now - slideshow presentation from the Bristol AGM GLENN FISHER
44 Letter from the Editor - on David Cliff's retirement as secretary. MATTHEW PIZZO
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