1 October 2012

Volume 30 No.3 October 2012

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Society Business
2 From the Editor MATTHEW J. PIZZO
2 From the Treasurer KEITH GOODING
3 Mentioned in Despatches - Secretary's Notes DAVID CLIFF
6 Hail to the Chief - A tribute to our President The Marquess of Anglesey on his 90th Birthday MAJOR COLIN ROBINS OBE
7 Lord Anglesey's Visit to the Crimea THE MARQUESS OF ANGLESEY
8 Chesney Gold Medal Presentation - Prensentation by the RUSI of the medal for outstanding achievement in Military History to our President, The Marquess of Anglesey, for his eight volume work, "A History of the British Cavalry 1816-1919". Reprinted from The War Correspondent, Vol.15, No.1, April 1997. MAJOR COLIN ROBINS OBE
10 More Light on the Upton Family Part 3 - continues the story of William Upton, son of the British builder of the Sevastopol docks, captured by the British in 1854. MICHAEL VANDEN BOSCH & ROGER BARTLETT
19 Sinope - a Turkish perspective. MIKE HINTON
22 T.H. Roberts versus William Bird? CHRISTOPHER J. POOLE
24 The Alma and the Shock of Battle GLENN FISHER
34 Where did Nolan Hand Raglan's 'Fourth Order' to Lucan? DR. DAVID R. JONES
40 Figurehead from Russian Steamer 'Maloditz' JOHN BEVAN
41 Member's Request about Corporal John Spurling, 63rd Foot MARK TALBOT
41 Crimean Veteran Grave Discovered - Private Daniel Meara COLONEL PETER KNOX OBE
42 Book Review: The Invasion of the Crimea &c., by William Kinglake, reprinted by Cambridge University Press MATTHEW J. PIZZO
43 Book Review: In Search of the Heavy Brigade by Lawrence Crider MAJOR COLIN ROBINS OBE
44 Accounting KEITH GOODING
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