1 July 1997

Volume 15, No.2

The British Memorial on Cathcart’s Hill. p.8
An English Gun in Odessa. p.12
Sergeant Ramage V.C. p.13
Two Questions, Two Answers, Part 2. p.14
Letters of Lieutenant Graham V.C. Royal Engineers. p.18
“All that was left of them”. p.22
The Failed V.C. Pte McGuire 33rd Regt. p.24
English Autographs from Crimean Soil. p.26
A Corporal's Letters, Cpl Pritchard 38th Foot. p.27
A Popular Balaklava Veteran. p.29
Mr Punch and the Russian Bear. p.30
Punch as a Historical Source. p.31
The Fanshawe Letters Part 8. p.34
Polish Volunteers with the Turks. p.37
The Cavalry at Inkerman. p.38
French Commanders after the War Part 4. p.39